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Save by letting your customers calculate prices of products by themselves

Bring your calculators online quickly and cost-effective

Use your existing Excel

With Kalkulio, you don't need to start from the beginning. Just upload the Excel file you've been using for years and transform it into a working web solution.

Hire excel users not programmers

Calculator development in programming languages like PHP, C++, Python or Java requires hiring costly programmers. With Kalkulio and excel users you’ll save thousands.

Make changes by yourself

When using Kalkulio, all that's needed to change a formula is open your Excel spreadsheet. No need to depend on a programmer.

Share your web calculators with your team or entire world

Embed on any website

Simply paste a chunk of code into your webpage to display your calculator. Works with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or your custom-made website.

Share with your team

Select users to share your web calculator with:
your colleagues, customers or partners.

Get public link

By sharing a public link, you can easily make
your web calculator accessible to anyone.

Receive emails from webform

Simply add a contact form to your web calculator and let your customers send customized product orders directly to your inbox.

Connect to API

Connect Kalkulio to your eshop, ERP or other systems. With API access you can also use custom webform graphics.

Use 3rd party integrations

Use Kalkulio with favourite eshop platforms like PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify or connect to dozens of web apps using Zapier. (Coming soon)

Get calculator sharing under control

Control who sees what

Make your calculator accessible just for you, your colleagues, any Kalkulio user or the whole world with no uninvited guests.

Keep your know how

Shared users of your calculator do not have access to your Excel files - only you know how the calculators work.

Protect formulas

Nobody can accidentaly alter the formulas in your excel file. Calculators will always work as you designed them.

Always distribute the right version

You can be sure users of your calculators are always running the latest version. No more mess with old stuff.
Case study

Printshop Asaprint gets supercharged by counting on Kalkulio!

Custom-made products have many variables affecting price. ASAPRINT has created pricing tools for its employees and partners, even connected them with their e-shop using API.

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